Training analysts

Dr. Salézio Placido Pereira - Psychoanalyst taught, PhD in Social Psychology, MA in Educational Psychology, Director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis Humanistic, President of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Permanent member of the International Society of Erich Fromm.

Carla Cristine M. Froner - Psychoanalyst taught, Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Coordinator of the Humanist Institute for Psychoanalysis, guiding articles and theses training in Psychoanalysis humanist, Permanent member of the International Erich Fromm Society.

Maria Isabel Burin Cocco - Psychoanalyst, graduated in Sciences UFSM in Biology from Unisc. Exercised outstanding leadership from his youth in teaching state, was a professor and director of the State School several times Pinhal Grande, which was also councilor (1993-1996) and the Department of Health and also the first director of the municipal cultural center. Union president psychoanalysts of Rio Grande do Sul. Currently works at the Institute of Humanist Psychoanalysis as an analyst of future psychoanalysts.

Patricia Raffin Ancinelo - A psychoanalyst is a lecturer at the Institute of Psychoanalysis Humanistic and currently performs his clinic in the city of Alegrete and Uruguayana-RS. It is part of the faculty of psychoanalysts Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Clinic in partnership with the Higher Education Complex of Passo Fundo. IMED.

 Marize C. Sudati - Psychoanalyst - serves the city of Santiago-RS and develops his lectures in various cities with the theme: Conditions for the development of healthy self-esteem. Also part of the faculty of the graduate course in Clinical Psychoanalysis and performs analysis of future psychoanalysts.

Lori Lucatelli - Psychoanalyst - are attending community JAGUARI RS, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Specialist in Clinical Psychoanalysis Humanist by IMED-RS, author of several books and scientific articles. Analyst students in psychoanalytic training at the Institute.