Dr. Salézio Placido Pereira - Psychoanalyst taught, PhD in Social Psychology, MA in Educational Psychology, Director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis Humanistic, President of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Permanent member of the International Society of Erich Fromm.

Carla Cristine M. Froner - Psychoanalyst taught, Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Coordinator of the Humanist Institute for Psychoanalysis, guiding articles and theses training in Psychoanalysis humanist, Permanent member of the International Erich Fromm Society.

Dr Shlomo Zekhry-(Sao Paulo SP)-Psychoanalyst, has a degree in social work from the Pontifical Catholic Univercidade of São Paulo (1968) undergraduate degree in law from the University San Francisco (1976), master's degree in social sciences for post graduate school of sciences social institution supplement USP (1970). President of the Psychoanalytic Society Trancendental and doctorate in social psychology from the university of Taubaté (1977). currently he is professor of the university Ibirapuera.

Renato Liberman (Sao Paulo SP) - Psychoanalyst, hypnotist, member of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society Humanist minister and several courses in psychoanalysis.

MS Leontino Farias dos Santos (Sao Paulo SP)-Psychoanalyst, University Professor, Educator, Director of public school in Sao Paulo, Presbyterian Pastor, Teacher of Religion in sciences, social sciences hiring area.

Dr Roberto Doglia Azambuja (Brasilia DF) - Psychoanalyst - Dermatologist, member The Time Line Therapy Association, USA, member and scientific advisor of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society Humanist.

Dr José Torquato Severo (Porto Alegre RS) - Doctor Neurosurgeon, former director of facudade of Medicine Pontifical Catholic Universiade RS, Masters in Education at PUC-Porto Alegre, member of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis.

Professor Dr Eddy Abreu War (Buenos Aires) - Prof. holder la universidad argentina JF Kennedy y la Universidad Abierta deputy Inter-Buenos Aires. Member de la Sociedad de Psychoanalysis Humanistic Brazil

Dr (PHD) José Augusto Torres Maciel - Dr (PhD) in Psychology and Philosophy from Cambridge International University (England), University Professor, was coordinator of graduate FACET (Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Technologies, Faculty São Salvador and Universidade Gama Filho , founder of the Center for graduate Viscount Cayru (CEPPEV) where he served as coordinator of the postgraduate course and extent Radialismo (Radio and TV director FACEI Salvador-level undergraduate and graduate programs.

Prof. Dr. Flavio Carvalho Rodrigo Masson, Graduated in Law, University Professor courses in Law and Administration (Human Resource Management - Human Resources Management) and a postgraduate degree in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Neuropedagogia, Special Education, Psychoanalysis. Master of Science in Religion (Mackenzie University), Doctor of Pastoral Psychology (FATE-SP), Doctor of Psychoanalysis (USA), Honorary Doctor of Psychology, Weston Reserve University (Canada and USA), PhD Member of the American Psychotherapy Association Psycotherapy -USA, PhD in Education (University of Extremadura, Spain), PhD in International Law (Universidad Autónoma de Asunción), Lecturer and Member of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Santa Maria, RS, Brazil Member and Representative of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT-USA). Member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis Erich Fromm, Germany,

Dr. Maria Alves de Toledo Bruns-Psychoanalyst, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the State University of Campinas (1992). MSc in Educational Psychology from the State University of Campinas (1983), Professor accredited researcher in graduate program - Masters level and Ph.D.-department of Psychology and education Sciences Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto Campus
Research Line: Sexuality and sexual morality reflexivity in cultural-historical constitution of the subject in postmodernity

Pr Dr Geraldo M. Junior-Psychoanalyst, Philosopher, PhD in Philosophy from the University of Leon, Spain, Master in Education Brazilian UFSM, Prof.. University of Philosophy, Ethics, Sociology Oganizacional



Marc André da Rocha Keppe (Sao Paulo SP)-Psychoanalyst, Master in Clinical Psychology, President of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society Transpersonal-Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Catholic University of São Paulo


Dr Marco Aurélio Pires São Paulo-Psychoanalyst



Prof. Dubal Zalmiro Francisco, Psychoanalyst, graduated in Philosophy and Theology, Writer and Lecturer, studies and research psychosomatic illnesses and their relations with the emotions.

Patricia Raffin Ancinelo - A psychoanalyst is a lecturer at the Institute of Psychoanalysis Humanistic and currently performs his clinic in the city of Alegrete and Uruguayana-RS. It is part of the faculty of psychoanalysts Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Clinic in partnership with the Higher Education Complex of Passo Fundo. IMED.

-  www.sobraph.com.br 

Marize C. Sudati - Psychoanalyst - serves the city of Santiago-RS and develops his lectures in various cities with the theme: Conditions for the development of healthy self-esteem. Also part of the faculty of the graduate course in Clinical Psychoanalysis and performs analysis of future psychoanalysts.

Professor. Dr. Araceli Albino, Psychoanalyst, Director of Research in Psychoanalysis, President of Sinpesp and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University del Salvador in Argentina.

Profa. Rosangela Amaral, Psychoanalyst, graduated in Letters, serves the city of Alegrete therapist Floral Specialization in school organization. Also part of the postgraduate course in clinical psychoanalysis humanist Santa Maria-RS.

Andréa Alves Borgert-degree in letters from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), post graduate degree in multidisciplinary Pedagogical Practices in Basic Education and the School Management (EFJ) Faculty of Education Joinville S / C.Professora the State of Santa Catarina. Student specialization in Clinical Psychoanalysis Humanista.Psicanalista Formation and Aspirant Member of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis.

Lawyer and Legal Consultant. Prof. Dr. Joseph Luongo da Silveira, Graduated in Advanced Course in Theology from Anglican Center of Theological Studies (1985), Degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Pelotas (1971), Degree in Law from the University of Cruz Alta (1973), MA in integration Latino - American Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (2003) and Ph.D. in Law and Social Sciences from umsa, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Postdoctoral by umsa, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Legal Adviser of the Humanist Institute for Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic University of the Americas. Has experience in the area of ​​law with emphasis on philosophy of law, acting on the following topics: legal and ethical-epistemological currents. Email: jluongodasilveira@gmail.com

HE. Square test. Eden Pereira Jorge Perez. LEGAL CONSULTANT OF Humanist Institute for Psychoanalysis, Natural de Santiago (RS), a law degree, lawyer with consultancy in civil and commercial areas. Consultant of the Right Bank of Brazil area. Career employee and the Bank of Brazil lawyer. Training in Psychoanalysis Humanistic. Doctorate in Psychoanalysis from the University of Humanistic Americas. Member of the Brazilian Society of Humanist Psychoanalysis, Member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis by Erich Fromm-Tubinguem - Germany. Telephone - 51-3263-3596 - 51-9986-8898 - Email: ejperez@live.com