Articles by Erich Fromm

Erich Fromm had their ancestry in a very religious Jewish family , which originated many rabbis . Originally he wanted to follow this path . Grew up in Frankfurt , where he initially studied law , later changing to the study of sociology in Heidelberg , is a doctoral student there in 1922 at the Albert Weber on Jewish law .
Until 1925 he had moreover Talmud classes with Rabbi Rabinkow . In 1926 he married the psychoanalyst Frieda Reichmann . In the late '20s , Fromm began his psychoanalytic training at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Berlin along a student of Freud who was not a doctor , the lawyer Hanns Sachs . During this period , he and his wife gave up their lifestyle Orthodox Jew . Since 1929 , Fromm served as lay analyst , has no medical training .
Plate in front of the house Fromm , Bayerischer Platz 1 Berlin Schöneberg
Since 1930 he has been director of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt ( Frankfurter Institut für Sozialforschung ) . At the same time he belonged to the group of Marxist psychoanalysts around Wilhelm Reich and Otto Fenichel and contributed to the formation of Freudian Marxism with some publications . In 1931 , he separated from Frieda Reichmann , but continued to maintain friendly relations with it (separation only in 1942 ) .
After the seizure of power by Hitler , Fromm moved to Geneva in May 1934 and emigrated to the United States , where he worked at Columbia University in New York .
In late 1939 , after several conflicts , he resigned from the Institute for Social Research , having been one of his most important collaborators for many years . In May 1940 he became an American citizen . In 1944 he married a German - Jewish immigrant Henny Gurland .
In 1950 , Fromm moved to Mexico City and taught at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ( UNAM ) . After the unexpected death of his wife Henny in 1952 , he married the American Annis Freeman .
Starting in 1957 , it is affiliated to the American peace movement . Personally, I always will represent humanistic and democratic socialism . In 1965 , he received merits ; In 1974 he moved to Muralto ( Ticino , Switzerland )

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