Additional training to become a psychoanalyst

Additional training to become a psychoanalyst .
After the theoretical seminars held twenty- fourth month, the person can perform another twelve months of additional study to become a psychoanalyst humanist, together with his personal analysis , clinical supervision , case studies , clinical service .
Times throughout the training :
Throughout this period training in psychoanalysis the analyst in training should be performing your personal analysis , clinical care , supervision of cases it serves, and once the time of thirty- six months, the applicant may request an extension of another 24 months to hold their final thesis and workload requirements of personal analysis , clinical supervision and care to their patients .
Seminars , Lectures , Workshops .
All cultural and scientific events will be counted as working hours for training in psychoanalysis.
The costs of clinical practice :
The amounts to be charged for the session staff analysis , clinical supervision and direction of scientific research should be negotiated directly with the analyst taught.
Payments to be made on completion of training .
- Will be charged the amount stipulated by ITPH for issuing the certificate
completion of psychoanalytic training and the title of Specialization .