Course Objective of Professional Expertise in Clinical Psychoanalysis Humanistic .


This postgraduate course in Psychoanalysis ( Specialisation) aims to provide the theoretical seminars psychoanalysts to have a theoretical and clinical epistemology of Humanist Psychoanalysis by Erich Fromm . During the twenty-four months' duration , developed the ability to write and theorize articles that are published in books authored these future analysts , in preparation for the public defense of an original thesis in psychoanalysis as a requirement to obtain the title of psychoanalyst .

In humanistic training in psychoanalysis at the Institute of Psychoanalysis in Santa Maria , we offer the training analyst in patients who come to us in clinical social after a triage performed with psychoanalyst supervisor, our intention is to enable theoretical and practical experience of clinical humanist with these patients who need personal analysis , and this service has been going for over sixteen years.

 Thanks to clinical social analysts in training receive a great experience to learn how to interview, assessment and diagnosis of their patients with the help of a training analyst . During the process of psychoanalytic training analysts receive training in guidance, supervision of clinical cases that are supervised by certified analysts .

During the process of psychoanalytic training these analysts develop training and safety conditions do clinical work humanist, such as : Transfer , resistance , countertransference , defense mechanisms , to know how to interpret and make the patient aware of these nuclei neurotic produce the symptom and existential failure . With this clinical domain analyst expands your knowledge on picopatologias of their patients and receives supervision of these case studies is given in addition performs its analysis personnel along with their theoretical studies , this process makes the analyst succeed and allows it to be an excellent humanist psychoanalyst .

Every analyst has his analyst in training staff and also oversees all clinical cases that their premise is attending our school clinic , analysts supervisors and academics who are members of the Brazilian society of psychoanalysis , which provide a solid future analysts to theoretical knowledge and clinical cases that are supervised and monitored throughout the process of psychoanalytic training .

Another goal of our training process is to enable future psychoanalysts to act as researchers and teachers of psychoanalysis , for this reason develop empirical and qualitative research in order to expand their knowledge within their area of ​​operation of psychoanalytic science . During your work in the process of training courses to promote emotional health and prevention in municipalities , departments of education and health and other institutions with the participation of training analysts .

Postgraduate Clinical Psychoanalysis Humanistic