Specialization and Clinical Psychoanalysis Humanistic .

( Being able to use the theoretical seminars for training

in humanistic psychoanalysis . )


Institute of Humanist Psychoanalysis was founded on January 17, 1997 , with the objective of providing training based on humanistic psychoanalytic epistemology Erich Fromm and develop scientific research within this theoretical approach in psychoanalysis . In addition , we set out to meet the low income population through agreements with institutions in need of medical humanistic thus constitutes a social clinic , open to the entire population in general that needs help and psychoanalytic treatment .

The humanist training in psychoanalysis has always required from the beginning of its activities the staff analysis , theoretical seminars , clinical supervision , group therapy analytical , clinical care . Another requirement for obtaining the title of psychoanalyst is to carry through the guidance of a doctor scientific research analyst that is unique and that had an important contribution to emotional health and humanistic psychoanalysis .

After many years signed agreements with various colleges in order to certify the theoretical seminars of psychoanalytic training with the title of Professional Expertise in Clinical Psychoanalysis , with this recognition from the Ministry of Education education professionals could take this knowledge in your career . Soon after founded the Union of psychoanalysts of Rio Grande do Sul, through the Ministry of Labour has acknowledged and authorized the profession throughout the state .

The purpose of the training was in psychoanalysis offer a humanistic profession for educators , sociologists , philosophers , lawyers , social workers , theologians , psychologists , pedagogues , psychologists , speech therapists and other allied health professions who had the desire to become a psychoanalyst humanist .

The ITPH is a permanent member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF PSYCHO-ANALYSIS OF ERICH FROMM HUMANIST both disciplines as faculty are evaluated and authorized to offer this training . Today is eleven institutes spread all over our planet that offer training in psychoanalysis, humanistic , Madrid (Spain ) , Italy ( Florence ) , Helsinki (Finland ) , Lithuania , Barcelona (Spain ) , Zurich ( Germany ) , New York ( USA ) , Mexico City , Mexico. Santa Maria , Brazil - ( ITPH ) .