SECRETARY - ( Personal Analysis , Family Therapy and Couples )

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 The sense of humanistic clinical .

One of the main objectives of the Institute of Psychoanalysis Humanistic ( ITPH ) founded in 1997 is to assist patients who can not afford to make their personal analysis , we wanted to socialize with this desire psychoanalytic knowledge to all social classes and meet the lower classes through clinical social . Our interest is to meet people with depression , somatization , obsessions , compulsions , additions , and other neuroses that are hindering the productivity of a father , mother , children, and also children who have emotional and psychological problems .

                    Analysts humanists offer beyond the personal analysis , couples therapy and family, so this offer psychotherapy only after doing the interview with the couple or the willingness to accept the whole family to participate in analytic therapy humanist . The values ​​of the sessions of the analysis will be negotiated during the working alliance , as the days , times and amounts to be paid .

                    To schedule a call with one of our analysts or humanist psychoanalysts in training of clinical social need to send an e- mail : , or call 55-3222-3238 or 3225-1800 , and ask the secretary to the schedule .

                     After scheduling the time of your call will be a screening to make a diagnosis and evaluation , then the patient will be referred to one of the training analysts to start treatment . Regarding the payment of this treatment in clinical social will be held an appreciation of their socio - economic , and only then can there be a settlement by mutual agreement on a spontaneous contribution that this patient can pay for your analysis.